Our focus is on the scalable production of made-to-order high affinity antibodies and assay kits.

PolyClonal Antibodies

Currently, we provide standard IGY antibodies in different quantities as pure antibody or in an Assay. By filling out the quote form, custom antibody synthesis can be requested and you should receive a quote within seven business days. Coming Soon, Single Domain Antibodies.

Sandwich Assays

In many phases of biotech discovery and product development, you need just a bit of extra help to get you past a tight deadline. You can entrust your most valuable, time-sensitive projects to us in the areas of assay development, optimization, qualification, conversion to qualified kits, conjugations, and characterization of biomolecules. We can externalize your operations and set processes in motion so you can maximize your lab time. Contact us today to discuss how CustomELISA can advance your research.

Multiplex Assays

Currently undergoing licensure to issue multiplex assays using Luminex beads and similar formats.

Contract Research

Sometimes in science, it IS better to mail it in. Let us develop your products in a GNP space and ship/email you solutions for complex and time consuming roadblocks. Submit a proposal on the Contact page.

Customer Care

We are scientists too! Make us your local supplier for responsive customer support you can count on any time.


Order online and see results instantly with a shared information repository for your project. We will even come pick up your sample!

Rapid Turnaround

45 Day minimum for custom antibodies not to exceed 90 days with refrigerated local and long distance delivery included.