Educational Products

We provide research-grade learning kits for biotech students with comprehensive instructions and A-Z lessons.

Educational Antibodies

From affinity-purified polyclonals to ultra-consistant monoclonals, we can be your provider for custom proteins with the same exact specifications as research proteins at an educational discount. Our antibodies come from sources in Maryland with as low as a 45 day turnaround time.

Conventional Assays

Competitive assays and Sandwich assays are all on the menu. Don't spend valuable time to coat and seal plates for labs. We use elisa-grade plates in standard 96 well, 96/12 breakaway plates, strip tests or just about any format. We ship overnight or courier on ice complete with the instructions before your classes start so all you have to do is open the box.

Multiplex Assays

Currently undergoing licensure to issue multiplex assays using Luminex beads and other advanced formats for student projects. We also will be leasing equipment by the semester for those with budgetary restrictions on such hardware. Commercial labs are moving over to more complex and time-saving methods of performing assays. Read more about Luminex here.

Custom Project Creation

We develop projects for the modern biotechnology classroom complete with lesson plans. Just tell us more about how you want to prepare your scientists and we will come up with a package for you!